Silk Chiffon Scarf – 200cm X 69cm


I am the Principal of Falcon Fabrics Australia, selling printed high-quality dress and silk fabric that I have designed.
I’m an Australian artist and designer of exclusively patterned chiffon silk for use as scarves or waist wraps.


I design and import large shear chiffon-silk scarves / cover-ups approx 205cm x 65cm. They are professionally hemmed in Australia. Very limited numbers are made per design.

My hemmed scarves are AU$90 each – plus $5 postage within Australia, or postage of approx A$30 for overseas destinations.

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Customised Boater  Hats

I handcraft variations of the classic boater hat [aka gaucho], as shown on my webpage Millinery.
Most of them are a clean looking style, but I’m happy to embellish bespoke hats to taste.


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Non-silk patterned fabrics are also available direct from my Melbourne studio to wholesalers, boutique retailers, dressmakers, clothing designers and stylists.

I can also be commissioned to produce a one-off exclusive fabric designs. These fun and avant-garde designs are derived from my art background and have been transformed into unique patterns for women’s spring /summer wear.

My work ethos centers on my admiration for stylish women who are confident in what they wear, and who dress with panache. Hence I strive to create stimulating and chic designs that encapsulate feminine elegance and embellish grace. 

I am agreeable by arrangement to sell the copyright for specific fabrics. This transfer would enable the copyright buyer exclusive use of the pattern for their ongoing marketing needs.


If you would like to be kept informed about updates to my fabrics, simply follow me on Twitter.

Also, I regularly upload images of my paintings onto a dedicated Facebook page.

Some of my fabric designs were inspired by poetry. Below is an example of a painting associated with my poem ‘Busy Day’ – and there are more in my e-book “Simple Poems for Complex Folk“.

Busy Day

Millinery tribute to #FrancescaCumani. Centre green hat by #cliffhowardartist




Examples of my other paintings can be seen on a separate page of this website.


Poster of works by Alphonse Muche by Cliff Howard in appreciation of his style.


Cliff Howard

Principal, Falcon Fabrics Australia


Email:  mailto:enquiries@falconfabrics.com.au

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All fabric designs displayed on this website are copyright to Falcon Fabrics Australia. Most images of the demonstration clothing style were taken from the internet public domain. In the event that there is an ambiguity or error with alleged copyrighted material over those garment images, it is unintentional and non-competitive as we design fabric patterns only. Nonetheless if you have copyright concerns about any specific image it can be removed upon request and presented proof.