I am the Principal of Falcon Fabrics Australia, selling printed high-quality dress and silk fabric that I have designed.

I’m an Australian artist and designer of exclusively patterned chiffon silk for use as scarves or waist wraps.

I am agreeable by arrangement to sell the copyright for specific fabrics. This transfer would enable the copyright buyer exclusive use of the pattern for their ongoing marketing needs.


Cliff Howard

Principal, Falcon Fabrics Australia


Email:  mailto:enquiries@falconfabrics.com.au

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All fabric designs displayed on this website are copyright to Falcon Fabrics Australia. Most images of the demonstration clothing style were taken from the internet public domain. In the event that there is an ambiguity or error with alleged copyrighted material over those garment images, it is unintentional and non-competitive as we design fabric patterns only. Nonetheless if you have copyright concerns about any specific image it can be removed upon request and presented proof.