Stripes and Polka-dots


These are examples of my exclusive fabric patterns in the theme of stripes and polka-dots.

The fabrics are selected specifically for women’s dresses and skirts, and are made of high quality polyester [colour-fast] or fine Chinese silk. Fabric is printed in a continuous pattern and supplied to order as a single cut-length.

These simulated dresses have been derived from social media to simply demonstrate the fabric, and they are not available from me, or via this website. Every effort has been made to display the actual colours as accurately as possible on this website, but please keep in mind that the digital colours you view on your computer monitor depend on your individual PC settings.



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All fabric designs displayed on this website are copyright to Falcon Fabrics Australia. Most images of the demonstration clothing style were taken from the internet public domain. In the event that there is an ambiguity or error with alleged copyrighted material over those garment images, it is unintentional and non-competitive as we design fabric patterns only. Nonetheless if you have copyright concerns about any specific image it can be removed upon request and presented proof.